Shimmer (EMMA​-​011)

by Sleepwalk



Sleepwalk is:
Alex Cegielski - Guitar
Dave Gabriel - Synths, Piano, Saxophone
Dave Jedlecki - Bass
Ryan Davis - Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Organ, Dunkin Donuts Cup
Steve Burton - Drums, Tambourine, Maracas


released April 5, 2017

Written and recorded between March and July 2016

Recorded and mixed by Andy Nelson @ Bricktop Studios (

Mastered by Carl Saff (

Derik Kendall - Violin on 1, 3, and 8
Jeff Schaller - Double Bass/Cello on 1, 3, and 8
Katherine Robinson - Vocals on 5



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Sinking Waltz
sometimes it feels like it's raining inside me
drowning sometimes can feel so lovely
laying down at the bottom of the sea
i see no sunlight will ever reach me

sometimes it feels like life's draining out of me
bleeding sometimes can feel so lovely
numbing, my whole body feels fuzzy
touch me; only your love will revive me

sometimes it feels like it's raining
inside me
will you ever know the pain inside me?
inside of me
Track Name: Shimmer
losing sleep from these dreams you haunt me in
symphonies turning into requiems

will i ever wake up from this place
where i can't move my limbs to reach you?

frozen, your smile moves right through me
painful, yes, but yet still so soothing

will i ever wake up in the place
where i can move my limbs to reach you?
Track Name: Blush
red lips, pale flesh
life speaks from your chest
writes words on your breath
and your eyes

and when i try to erase you from my mind
i close my eyes and there you are
lost track of time
has it really been this long?
the delusions keep yesterday at bay

laying in my bed
a yellow sun dress
unaware this was
the last time
Track Name: Take Away
catching sight of what i thought
was letting go of what i caught
swimming in vision in sight
stumbling under streetlights

out inside
inside out
outside in

it's not the way
i want to stay
stay with me

inside out
outside in
inside out

i tried
Track Name: Headtrip
take away
everything from me
put me out
of my misery
i'm close to the end
and in the end
you still won't miss me

you lifted me up to the sky
let me go to fall and die
i'll hit the ground beneath your feet tonight
as darkness silently takes me
out of this reality
you will finally live peacefully

trapped between
confusion and pretend
can't pretend
life's happy in the end
you've shown me
that anyone can be
you thought they'd never be

so turn out the lights
i won't be needing them
Track Name: Blind
time is all i have
waiting for me
wide awake i lay
slowly floating

feeling like there's nothing left in me
empty need you to still need me
hopeless because i know there is no hope
in trying to repair what i have broke

keeping shut my eyes
i'd rather be blind
than to see the world
that took you away
Track Name: Shadow
when i try to run from you
every road leads back to you
and when i try to forget you
everything reminds me of you

why am i here
if you're not here?
i am nowhere
if you're not there

of all these dreams i've had of you
only the nightmares have come true
and when i try to talk to you
you hold your breath 'til your face turns blue

so why am i still waiting
for your apology?
i'd rather if you just gave
back my sanity